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Max Burwick
We are an Artificial Intelligence platform that develops world-class business teams and cultures.

Is AI the future of self-improvement? Will it lead to living a more fulfilled life? We think so. Advances in AI, specifically in Natural Language Processing (NLP), a branch of machine learning, helps us understand more about personality and behavior. Unlike personality tests of the past, this technology removes bias, allowing us to see a realistic picture of who we are and why we do what we do. These technologies are commonly used and impact our daily lives. They power the tech giants’ customized marketing and social media streams. …

Grit should be the number one factor investors look for when putting their money into early-stage companies. Grit determines whether startup founders have the resilience to endure the endless trials of entrepreneurial life. The current paradigm of investment analysis considers traditional business plan and pitch analysis, including the team’s experience, market size, and traction.

This methodology works, and by works, 93% of funded startups still fail, regardless of the strength of their business plan. This is because business plans are exactly that, plans. They don’t tell investors whether the startup team has what it takes, the grit required to deal…

Startups power the global economy. Despite the risks associated with starting a new venture, those brave enough to “go on their own,” introduce new ideas into commerce, creating jobs and living wages around the globe. Building a startup is a risky business; 50 million new businesses start every year. However, 90% percent of those businesses will fail. To make matters worse, the financial downturn brought about by Covid-19 has caused a global shortage of venture capital funding, halting the monetary engine that gives rise to millions of jobs.

It is rare to find a person not impacted by the global…

Innovation isn’t about technology; it is about exploring new ways to solve problems. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Often times innovation is about simplifying and making life easier. Every company, regardless of the industry, is in the business of innovation, developing new ways to add value to its customers, but what does it take to build a culture of innovation? The answer may surprise you and revolutionize the way you do business.

According to The Deloitte Innovation Survey 2015, 66% of respondents stated that innovation is vital for growth. Innovative companies delight their customers and open new markets by…

Max Burwick

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